Make A Plan

Discuss with your family the types of hazards and threats in your area and what to do in each case.
Make a list of important contact information and keep it with you at all times.
Out-of-town contact:
Cell phone:
Decide on a meeting place in case you cannot return to your home, and know where you would go if you had to evacuate your area.
Neighborhood meeting place: Telephone:
Out-of-town meeting place: Telephone:
Collect information about the locations where your family members spend the most time.
Workplace (1): Address: Telephone:
Workplace (2): Address: Telephone:
Other location: Address: Telephone:
School (1): Address: Telephone:
School (2): Address: Telephone:
Other: Address: Telephone:
Record any medications your family members take on a daily basis.
Medicine: Dosage:
Medicine: Dosage:
Medicine: Dosage:
Medicine: Dosage:
Collect information for others you might need to contact in an emergency.
Doctor: Address: Telephone:
Pharmacist: Address: Telephone:
Insurance co.: Address: Telephone:
Veterinarian: Address: Telephone: