CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Informational Meeting and Resources

July 6, 2017  //  

In September 2016, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) released a new rule pertaining to certain healthcare providers regarding emergency preparedness requirements. This new rule is known as the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. Providers have until Nov. 15, 2017 to comply with certain parts of the rule but this rule will also have an impact on local emergency coordinators and planners as well.

The CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule requires providers to take an all-hazards approach to emergency planning and to integrate and collaborate with the emergency management agencies. In order to assist localities in understanding the requirements, roles, and responsibilities, VDEM is facilitating an informational meeting for localities to provide information and answer questions on the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. The meeting will include representatives from VDH, VHHA, DMAS, and DBHDS.

The meeting is scheduled for July 17, 10-11:30 a.m. Each local coordinator should be receiving an invitation through their VDEM Regional Office early next week. The meeting will be recorded for those unable to attend. To register to attend, please use the following link:

In the meantime, the video below was prepared by the Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance (NSPA) and provides an overview of the rule for state and local emergency management.


NSPA has also provided a page with links to multiple resources and two recorded webinars on the rule.

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