Form 119-25-1 FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI)

VDEM Training & Exercises  Application Instruction

Training provided by the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) is conducted in several formats depending on the location of the training and who is conducting the actual program. Registration for admission to the different courses is distinguished in several ways including the letter prefix / course number for the program as follows:

On-Campus Training “E/B” courses (ex: E-262 Instructional Delivery for Subject Matter Experts) are held either at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) in Emmitsburg, Maryland (“E” courses), or at the FEMA Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Alabama (“B” courses). For these courses the student’s application (Form 119-25-1) and prerequisite documentation should be submitted 45-60 days in advance to the VDEM Training, Education and Exercise Division STO for review and signature; Susan Mongold (State Training Officer). These applications may be sent via FAX to (804) 897-6556 or as a scanned e-mail to: or  and via regular mail.

VDEM will forward complete applications to NETC- EMI Admissions for course registration following EMI procedures. Final decisions on acceptance to these courses is entirely handled by NETC Admissions staff based on pre-established criteria. EMI will notify students of course admission decision by regular mail. 

(VDEM does not have any control over who is accepted into each course.)

Off-Campus courses taught in a local community with prior approval of EMI are “L” courses. These courses require the student’s application (Form 119-25-1) and prerequisite documentation to be submitted to the local course coordinator as outlined in the specific training announcement for the course. Usually this submission is required prior to the course to be sent to a specific individual handling local course registration. (These applications DO NOT require prior review by the VDEM Training, Education and Exercise Division unless VDEM is hosting the “L” course.)

The application must be completely filled and signed by the agency head of the participant’s agency. All proof of prerequisites must be attached.

This will minimize delays in processing.


All FEMA courses (Including EMI and the NFA) now require use of a FEMA issued Student Identification (SID) number, either on your initial application, confirmation processing or while attending these courses.  As a preliminary process, please create or retrieve your FEMA Student Identification (SID) number on the FEMA SID site (