Logistics in Virginia

Virginia Department of Emergency Management Logistics Section’s mission is simple: to provide Virginia’s stakeholders and emergency managers with logistics/resource coordination and support both day-to-day as well as in times of emergency.

This is achieved  in a variety of ways, including mutual aid through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), in addition to administrative support for Virginia’s Statewide Mutual Aid (SMA) Program. VDEM’s Logistics Section also provides a host of programs to aid in the efforts of the Virginia Emergency Response Team (VERT) and Virginia’s local emergency management officials.

Near the bottom of this page you will find a list of programs, trainings, and support materials that the Logistics Section has available to offer. Click on the links below or contact any one of our Logistics Section staff members to learn more!


Logistics Staff

Jason Eaton, PEM - Logistics Section Chief/ Mutual Aid Coordinator

Dustin Calhoun - Logistics Planner/ Deputy Logistics Chief

Ryan Garnowski - Private Sector Liaison

Duane Sheppard, VCO - Buyer Senior