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“When disaster strikes, local emergency management teams can quickly become overwhelmed. Under the Virginia Statewide Mutual Aid Compact, towns, counties, cities and other municipalities may seek additional resources from other member communities, so as to strengthen their response and recovery capabilities.”



About Statewide Mutual Aid (SMA)

The Statewide Mutual Aid Program was developed to assist municipalities so that they more quickly and efficiently might provide vital response and recovery services during times of crisis. This program outlines common expectations, along with mitigating many of the consequences – such as those relating to insurance, liability coverage, and reimbursement – that could possibly occur without it.

This program is not designed to replace or otherwise interfere with existing day-to-day agreements between localities. The SMA program has the active support of the Virginia Municipal League, the Virginia Association of Counties, select state agencies with primary emergency response roles, and all professional emergency responder member organizations across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In fact, it were these exact stakeholder groups that came together by way of a committee to form the program. A fundamental principle agreed to during preliminary planning was to establish such guarantee sufficient flexibility so that all municipalities would find value in participating.

Directed guidance as well as assistance is available to cities and counties with attention given to sign-on, implementation, and reimbursement procedures.


Statewide Mutual Aid Documents

Statewide Mutual Aid Plan

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Statewide Mutual Aid Forms and Checklists

SMA Demobilization Checklist

SMA Deployed Personnel Tracker

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SMA Personnel Information Form

SMA Reimbursement Checklist

SMA Response Survey Form

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SMA Event Agreement

SMA Form B: Mission Cost Estimate

SMA Form C: Personnel and Labor Estimate Sheet

SMA Locality Reimbursement Form 


Statewide Mutual Aid ListServ



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FAQ’s of SMA ListServ.

SMA Informational Update Template

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Statewide Mutual Aid Reimbursement Reminders

Cost recovery is a very important part of the SMA Process.  It is the responsibility of the Requesting Party and Assisting Party to thoroughly understand Section 3 of the “Authorizing Resolution” and the processes outlined in the Cost Recovery Section of the Statewide Mutual Aid Plan.  Rapid and accurate collection and submission of documentation will expedite the cost recovery process.      


For more information, contact the Logistics Section Chief.





The SMA ListServ is designed to allow the “registered user” to send a single message and reach every registered user of the group. This ListServ automatically generates an email to the distribution group simultaneous of its generation.