Local Emergeny Planning Committee Toolkit

The Local Emergency Planning Committee Toolkit serves a variety of LEPC needs, providing examples of LEPC bylaws, strategic plans, sample HAZMAT and Terrorism Consequence Management annexes, and the HAZMAT plan checklist. We intend to expand the toolkit with Virginia LEPC contacts, links to related Web sites, special studies (e.g., Commodity Flow Studies) and other LEPC resource/guidance materials.

At this time, the LEPC Toolkit contains only a few examples of bylaws and strategic plans. To enhance the toolkit, we request that all LEPCs provide an electronic copy of their bylaws and any strategic plans to Donna Pletch at Donna Pletch at Donna.Pletch@vdem.virginia.gov.

Please also send any of the following information:

  • If your LEPC has established a Web site,
  • If there is something that you would like to see included on this site, or
  • If your LEPC contact is someone other than the local emergency management coordinator, or if their contact information has recently changed. We list current contact information on this site so that facilities can find their local LEPC contact. We also use this information to notify personnel in the event of an incident.

Sample LEPC Bylaws

Sample LEPC Strategic Plans

Sample LEPC Hazmat Plans and Checklists

Other LEPC Resources