Local Emergency Operation Plans Guidance

The Local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) guidance serves as a planning tool to assist the Commonwealth’s jurisdictions in revising and updating the EOP.  Consideration was given to the Comprehensive Planning Guide 101 version 2, The National Response Framework, The Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Operations Plan.  Additionally, the guidance below incorporates Title 44 Virginia Emergency Services and Disaster Laws. 

Local Emergency Operations Plan Templates [EOP]

These documents form the basis for the Emergency Operations Plan with basic plan and annex guidance.  The Annex guidance is written in Emergency Support Function (ESF) format to be consistent with state and federal models.

Support Annex Templates 

Below is guidance on drafting support annexes to the EOP.  These documents are hazard specific or written to support common trends in emergency management. 

Planning Tools to Support EOP

The items below should be used as situational awareness tools when updating the EOP.  These documents serve as reference documents. 

Facilities Resources 

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