Disaster Damage Assessment

Following a natural or man-made disaster, the local emergency manager communicates with the Virginia Emergency Operations Center through participation in conference calls, periodic Situation Reports and requests for assistance. Within 72 hours of the event, the local government will provide a Cumulative Local Initial Damage Assessment Report, or IDA. The IDA is a summary of damages to homes, businesses and public infrastructure.

IDAs are divided into two categories. Local damage assessment teams use two distinct field forms to record damage assessments for the Individual Assistance Program and the Public Assistance Program:

  • Assessments for the Individual Assistance Program document damages to residences, businesses, nonprofit organizations and agricultural structures. View a sample below.
  • Assessments for the Public Assistance Program document damages to publicly owned roads, buildings and equipment, as well as estimates for debris management and emergency protective measures such as opening the local EOC and delivering generators to shelters. View a sample below.

In addition, local governments can use an IDA Telephone Report to record citizen and business calls about disaster impacts. View a sample below.

The Cumulative Initial Damage Assessment Form, available below in Word and Excel formats, should be submitted to the Local Liaison Section at the Virginia Emergency Operations Center by phone: (804) 674-2400, by fax: (804) 674-2419 or by e-mail: veoc@vdem.virginia.gov.

PowerPoint™ Presentations on disaster damage assessment field teams, damage categories, assessment forms, public assistance infrastructure damage estimates, replacement costs and the disaster cycle are available for download. Job Aides that define DHS-FEMA disaster program damage categories are also available for download.

Training Presentations:

Job Aides: