Local Government COOP Resources

Local Government COOP Planning Manual  [7828kb PDF]
This manual was developed to provide guidance to local governments for the development and maintenance of Continuity of Operations  plans.  This manual is intended to offer both procedural and operational guidance for the preparation and implementation of a COOP plan.

Local Government COOP Worksheets [543kb doc]
The COOP Worksheets correspond with the seven phases of the COOP planning process.  Completing the worksheets assists in assembling the information necessary to develop the critical elements of a COOP plan.

COOP Plan Templates

The COOP plan will consist of a basic plan and department plan.  The basic plan outlines the jurisdiction-wide considerations for guiding the overall COOP program.  Each department plan captures critical operational data that supports each department during COOP plan implementation.  In conjunction with the information gathered by the worksheets, the templates assist in completing a cohesive and comprehensive COOP plan specific to each local government’s mission and needs.

Local Government Basic COOP Plan Template [468kb doc]

Local Government Department Plan COOP Template [441kb doc]

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