Pandemic Influenza COOP Annex

Pandemic Influenza Annex Manual for COOP Planning [522kb PDF]
The focus of COOP planning for pandemic influenza is on the efficient and effective management of a limited workforce.  The guidance manual focuses on pandemic influenza; however, it is important to note its applicability to scenarios involving loss of workforce from other highly communicable diseases.

Pandemic Influenza COOP Worksheets [425kb doc]
The worksheets are tools to help gather the raw data needed to develop a Pandemic Influenza COOP annex.  They can be modified to fit the needs of an agency, institution, locality or department.

Pandemic Influenza COOP Annex Template [325kb doc]
The template provides agencies and institutions with the basic annex itself.  The template, in collaboration with the information gathered through use of the worksheets in the manual, will assist in completing a cohesive and comprehensive Pandemic Influenza annex to a COOP plan.


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