Family Assistance Center

Family Assistance Center

Virtual Family Assistance Center 

Due to XXXXXXX located at XXXXXXXX on XXXXXX this virtual Family Assistance Center (vFAC) has been activated.  The vFAC facilitates the exchange of inforamtion and assist families and loved ones with their needs.

Physical FAC sites

Missing Persons Phone Line (TTY #)
211 – Emergency Services Call Center

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The vFAC is an online resource for survivors, family and friends to access information regarding the incident, missing persons and available services in a time of crisis.

Investigative Process

The investigative process of a mass fatality incident is very comprehensive and will take weeks to months to complete. Multiple agencies from the federal, state and local levels will be involved in the process in order to efficiently and effectively coordinate the necessary resources and assets needed to conduct an investigation of this size. In such instances, law enforcement make it a priority to keep victims and their loved ones informed of investigative progress and victim identification and notification. Participating agencies will work through the vFAC and physical FAC to provide and sustain the flow of information.

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