The VDEM Grants Office administers all non-disaster/preparedness grant and funding programs available to local governments and State Agencies for the Agency.  These funding opportunities are used to enhance overall preparedness and response capabilities for a full range of hazards.

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Once registered with the list serve above. Any time that VDEM has a Non-Disaster (Preparedness) grant cycle open for project ideas, a Project Proposal Process will be announced and you will receive an email with all the important information.

To assist you with completing VDEM’s project proposal as well as any other grant, we have developed the following document.

  • Achieving Grant SuccessThe Winning Proposal (This document in no way guarantees funding of any said project and is only to be used as a helpful guide.)

Grant Guidance



eGMS was established to provide an automated system for all non-disaster/preparedness subgrantees to complete the life cycle of a subgrant, and submit reports online that will go directly to VDEM Grant Management Office. This system is a multi-phase project that will automate many of the current processes in use with the hard copy forms. The instruction manual provides detailed information on how the system works as well as how to contact VDEM Grants Management Office for questions.

Users may now submit their Request for Funds, Budget Development and Amendment Requests, and online as well as view the status of various submitted reports and requests. As new phases are rolled out, an announcement will be displayed in eGMS and VDEM’s list serve to alert all users. Coming soon…quarterly progress reports and grant adjustment notices.

As of March 31, 2013, all Request for Funds, and Budget Amendment Requests and Narratives MUST be filled out online. Paper requests will not be accepted.


FY17 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grants

  • Pre-disaster Mitigation (PDM): The PDM Program, authorized by Section 203 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, is designed to assist States, U.S. Territories, Federally-recognized tribes, and local communities in implementing a sustained pre-disaster natural hazard mitigation program. The goal is to reduce overall risk to the population and structures from future hazard events, while also reducing reliance on Federal funding in future disasters.  This program awards planning and project grants and provides opportunities for raising public awareness about reducing future losses before disaster strikes. Mitigation planning is a key process used to break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. PDM grants are funded annually by Congressional appropriations and are awarded on a nationally competitive basis.
  • Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA): The FMA program is authorized by Section 1366 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as amended with the goal of reducing or eliminating claims under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). FMA provides funding to States, Territories, federally-recognized tribes and local communities for projects and planning that reduces or eliminates long-term risk of flood damage to structures insured under the NFIP. FMA funding is also available for management costs. Funding is appropriated by Congress annually.

What are the minimum project criteria for PDM/FMA?

  • There are six (6) issues you must consider when determining the eligibility of a proposed project
    • Does your project conform to your State’s Hazard Mitigation Plan?
    • Does your project provide a beneficial impact on the disaster area, i.e. the State?
    • Does your application meet the historic preservation and environmental requirements?
    • Does your project solve a problem independently?
    • Is your project cost-effective?
    • Does your locality have a local mitigation plan?
  • Eligible Projects
    • Dry Flood-proofing of Historic Residential Structures
    • Dry Flood-proofing of Non-residential Structures
    • Generators
    • Infrastructure Retrofit
    • Localized Flood Risk Reduction Projects
    • Mitigation Reconstruction
    • Non-localized Flood Risk Reduction Projects
    • Non-structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings and Facilities
    • Property Acquisition and Structure Demolition
    • Property Acquisition and Structure Relocation
    • Safe Room Construction
    • Soil Stabilization
    • Structural Retrofitting of Existing Buildings
    • Structure Elevation
    • Wildfire Mitigation
    • Wind Retrofit for One- and Two-Family Residences
  • PDM/FMA 2017 Application Submittal
    The 2017 Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant programs is now open. The deadline to submit the application is September 14, 2017. This year’s application submittal is a very short timeline so please make every effort to have your application completed and submitted on time.

    • The link to the application is here.
    • The link to submit applications is here.
      FileName: FMAPDM_2017_Proposal_Upload
      Username: Applicant
      Password: Annual2017


VDEM Grant Management Office Staff
Grants Director Cheryl Lee 804-897-9760
Grants Program Support Lisa Foley 804-897-9767
Disaster Grants Manager Robbie Coates 804-897-9766
Mitigation Grants Administrator for New River Valley RC, Thomas Jefferson, PDC, Commonwealth RC, Richmond Regional PDC, and Crater PDC Trina Addison 804-897-9976
Mitigation Grants Administrator  for Northern Shenandoah Valley RC, Rappahannock-Rapidan RC, George Washington RC, Northern Neck PDC, Annomack-Northampton PDC, Hampton Roads PDC, LENOWISCO PDC, and Mount Rogers PDC Amy Howard 804-897-9974
Mitigation Grants Administrator  for Cumberland Plateau PDC, Roanoke Valley-Alleghany RC, Central Shenandoah PDC, Region 2000 LGC, West Piedmont PDC, Southside PDC, Northern Virginia RC, and Middle Peninsula PDC. Debbie Messmer 804-897-9975
Preparedness Grants Manager Heather Smolka 804-239-8321
Preparedness Grants Administrator
Regions 4 & 6 State Agencies, and NCR UASI
Kerry Stuver 804-205-6914
Acting Preparedness Grants Admin.
Regions 2 & 7
Lisa Foley 804-897-9767
Preparedness Grants Administrator
Regions 1 & 3
Tammy Myers 804-897-9717
Preparedness Grants Administrator
Region 5
Richard Hazel 804-897-9786

All Grant Forms

  1. Applications and reporting forms can be found under the Forms link .
  2. All forms must be completed and submitted before applications can be reviewed.
  3. This page contains forms for grant application and reporting. Note that you should save forms to your computer before using them. All Forms in package must be completed

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