Commonwealth of Virginia Hazard Mitigation Plan

All documents are in PDF format

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Planning Process
Chapter 3.0 – Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
Section 3.1 – Introduction to HIRA
Section 3.2 – Introduction to Virginia
Section 3.3 – Federal Disaster Declarations and NCDC Data
Section 3.4 – State, and Critical Facility, and Energy Pipeline Analysis
Section 3.5 – HIRA Ranking Methodology
Section 3.6 – Local Plan Incorporation
Section 3.7 – Flooding
Section 3.8a – Wind (Non-Rotational)
Section 3.8b – Wind (Tornado)
Section 3.9 – Winter Weather
Section 3.10 – Drought
Section 3.11 – Wildfire
Section 3.12 – Landslide
Section 3.13 – Earthquake
Section 3.14 – Karst Topography
Section 3.15 – Flooding Due to Impoundment Failure
Section 3.16 – Overall Hazard Results
Chapter 5:  Mitigation Strategy
Chapter 7:  Plan Maintenance
Appendix A: Acronyms
Appendix B:  Glossary
Appendix E:  Meeting Documentation
Appendix I:  FEMA Approval Letter
Appendix J: State Adoption


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