Counter Terrorist Operations Support Center

WMD Radiological/Nuclear Course for Hazardous Material Technicians and Personal Radiation Detector Train-the-Trainer courses at the Counter-Terrorist Operations Support Center, U.S. Department of Energy – Nevada Test Site
 Virginia Application Process

1)   Complete application fully – It must include the student’s e-mail address for notification of course acceptance by the CTOS.

2)   Application must have the signature of the students “Agency Head/Manager” to be accepted by CTOS.
3)   The Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire section may be signed by an agency medical representative or the student may self-certify that they are qualified to wear and use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).
4)   This program is intended for OSHA CERTIFIED Hazardous Materials Technicians.
5)   Fax or mail your application to:
Office of Training & Exercises
Virginia Department of Emergency Management
10501 Trade Court – Richmond VA 23236-3993
(804) 897-6500  Fax (804) 897-6556
6)   Your application will be reviewed and forwarded to the CTOS Center if you meet the course selection criteria. (You will be contacted if any problem or omission for your application.)
7)   Be Patient – Scheduling of courses usually has a 3-4 month waiting list.
FEMA Application Form [298 kb pdf]


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