EOC Role-Specific Online Courses

August 30, 2016  //  

VDEM is pleased to offer a series of online courses for those who want to know more about emergency operations centers (EOC).

Each course provides an overview and basic orientation to the Emergency Operations Center, its various structures and functions, and a specific focus on areas of responsibility individuals assume during an EOC activation.

There are four courses in the series:  The EOC Planning Section (V0471), The EOC Operations Section (V0472), The EOC Logistics Section (V0474) and The EOC Finance and Administrative Section (V0473).

Complete any or all of these online classes, they range in length from 45 minutes to one hour. Each course includes video interviews with local emergency management professionals from across the Commonwealth who share their stories and lessons learned from real world incidents and EOC activations.

To enroll, simply go to the VDEM Knowledge Center and search the course catalog for “EOC role specific” courses or search using the specific course number.  From there, click and go!


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