E0451 Advanced I: A Survey of Advanced Concepts in Emergency Management

December 04, 2017December 08, 2017

Course One of the EMPP Advanced Academy

This course is one of four. You must commit to all four courses by completing the application below by September 8, 2017.

Application for Admission

The goal of E0451, A Survey of Advanced Concepts in Emergency Management (Advanced I), the first course of the National Emergency Management Advanced Academy curriculum, is to provide EM professionals with critical skills that are needed to perform responsibilities such as program management oversight, effective communication, research resources, applicable laws, policy considerations, collaboration, and strategic thinking. Advanced I is designed to provide participants with the skills to manage EM programs and will be essential to building the foundation for collaboration by bringing EM professionals together to share their experiences and establish a network. This course provides knowledge in management qualities, management styles, strategic thinking, decision making, problem solving, evaluation, strategic planning, budgeting, vision and mission statements, research methodology, laws, policy considerations, program risk management, collaboration and communication, and change management, in addition to personal application and reflection. Sharing best practices, lessons learned, tools, and documentation provides a firm understanding of Federal, state, tribal, territorial, and local EM programs, as well as how those programs can be effectively leveraged to support community needs and requirements.

Purpose: The National Emergency Management Advanced Academy reinforces the qualities needed to lead emergency management programs, provides relevant management theories and concepts, and utilizes appropriate case studies. Advanced Academy participants work within a collaborative environment on projects and establish a network of peers.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate a continued understanding of the cross-cutting EM concepts from E0451 Advanced I – A Survey of Advanced Concepts in Emergency Management, and apply during this course.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the following EM concepts: organizational management; organizational planning; decision-making and problem-solving; consensus building; collaboration and communication; private sector/NGO interfaces; resource management, planning, analysis, and evaluation; and ethics as related to all of the above.
  • Based on work in E0541, Supervising in a Temporary Workplace, continue to build and refine Research Project thesis.

Target Audience: This course is designed for Emergency Managers with a minimum of three (3) years-experience in an Emergency Management position. The target audience includes government, non-profit voluntary organizations, and private sector managers responsible for emergency management or homeland security, including:

  • State, local, tribal, and territorial emergency management or homeland security program staff and managers;
  • Federal department heads and branch chiefs of emergency management or homeland security;
  • Directors and managers of non-profit voluntary organizations;
  • Private sector managers leading emergency management offices and related programs; and
  • Emergency management program directors from all organizations listed above with significant authority and responsibilities.

Prerequisite: Participants are only admitted to the four course Academy series through the annual Advanced Academy selection process conducted in June each year. For more details, visit the EMPP Advanced Academy web page at http://training.fema.gov/empp/advanced.aspx.

  • Three or more years in an Emergency Management Leadership role or position.
  • Recommended: Applications will be evaluated based on recommended prerequisites to include:
    At least three (3) years in an EM position
    · Project and working group in EM
    · Substantial continuing service commitment
    · Whole community representation

Instructor: FEMA

Location: Richmond, VA

Course Manager:

Candice Crockett

Academic Support Technician




Donna Taylor

Academic Support Coordinator



Event Details

December 04, 2017December 08, 2017
5 Days
Monday - Friday - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Course Manager:
Candice Crockett
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