Financial Protection Before Disaster Strikes

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Financial protection before disaster strikes

Insurance – Homeowner and Renter

The best way for homeowners and renters to protect property from common disasters is to carry insurance.  Buying adequate insurance will provide financial assistance to cover disaster related expenses. When federal assistance is available to Virginia citizens, it almost always is less than what you would receive from insurance. 

Get information about homeowners, renters and car insurance at the Virginia Bureau of Insurance:  If you own a home or business, there also may be steps you can take to improve the chances your home or business will survive or be minimally damaged by a disaster. (link to hazard mitigation info) 

Insurance – Flood

Insurance protection against a flood is only available through a National Flood Insurance Policy. Regular homeowners and renters policies do not cover damages from flooding.  Many major insurance companies act as agents for the National Flood Insurance Program. The cost of the insurance for the same coverage does not change from insurance company to insurance company. Ask your insurance company if the company writes flood policies. For more information about flood insurance, go to 

Contingency Fund 

Setting aside a certain amount of cash for an emergency is a wise practice. An emergency fund can be particularly useful: (1) when individuals and families have to evacuate from their primary residence, and (2) when an insurance claim has to be filed and a deductible met before the insurance company will pay the claim.  Federal assistance does not pay insurance deductibles.




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