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Why a Team?

While smaller businesses might only need one person to develop an emergency management and continuity of operations plan, most businesses will benefit from establishing a team for this purpose. The size of this team depends greatly on your business. Forming a team has some key benefits:

  • Buy In: More people become invested in the process.

  • Resources: Collaboration maximizes time and energy devoted to the effort.

  • Visibility: Team efforts increase the visibility and stature of the emergency planning process.

  • Perspective: Multiple perspectives ensure that the emergency plan will address all employee roles.

Who should be on the team?

It is important that the team pulls together employees from all functional areas. Most team members will serve primarily in an advisory capacity, but their input will be essential to developing a comprehensive emergency management and continuity of operations plan. Make sure that upper management appoints team members in writing. Some key functional areas to consider when developing the team include:

  • Upper and Middle Management

  • Human Resources

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Finance and Purchasing

  • Legal

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Information Technology/Systems

  • Security

  • Safety and Medical Personnel

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