FY 2011 Emergency Operations Center Grant Program

May 27, 2011  //  

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management is pleased to announce the availability of the FY2011 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Grant Program opportunity for state and local governments. 

Fully capable emergency operations facilities at the State and local levels are essential elements of a comprehensive national emergency management system and are necessary to ensure continuity of operations and continuity of government in major disasters caused by any hazard. Funds are available for construction or renovation of a local government’s EOC. 

Localities and State Agencies are encouraged to compete for $1 million dollars for construction or $250,000 for renovations in the 2010 EOC Grant Program. 

The Investment Justification (IJ) guidelines are provided below to assist you with your submission. This required document must be submitted to be considered for this grant. Please ensure that all IJs are complete and submitted on or before 5:00 pm June 8, 2011.Only one submission per local government will be accepted. Multiple submissions from any entity may result in all submissions from that locality being deemed ineligible. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will evaluate applications and finalize their recommendations for awarding funds by the end of September 2011. 

Additional technical questions may be directed to the VDEM Grants Management Office at 804-897-6500. 

JoAnn Maher –  joann.maher@vdem.virginia.gov

Jocelyn Bagby – jocelyn.bagby@vdem.virginia.gov

Kerry Stuver – kerry.stuver@vdem.virginia.gov

FEMA has developed guidelines that establish the required IJ content and helps ensure that submissions are organized in a consistent manner while addressing key data requirements. Failure to address these data elements in the prescribed format, including the strict formatting guidelines, will result in the rejection of the IJ from review consideration.

 The IJ must have these required data elements (as referenced in the 2011 EOC Grant Guidance, pages 15-19**): 

  1. Be created and submitted in Microsoft Word – 2003 or earlier version (*.doc) or text (*.text)

  2. Not exceed five (5) single-spaced pages, in 12 point Times New Roman font, with a minimum of one inch margins.

  3. Include the proper section headings, page restrictions, character limitations and scoring criteria.

  4. Must use the following file name convention when submitting the IJ: “FY 2010 EOC (State Abbreviation) – (EOC Name).

Separate attachments will neither be accepted, nor reviewed. Additionally, scanned or imaged IJs will not be accepted. 

The IJ must be sent electronically to VDEM no later than 5:00 PM EST, June 8, 2011 to ensure adequate time for a state review.

Please submit your properly formatted IJ to:  tracie.machupa@vdem.virginia.gov

 **The FY 2011 EOC Grant Program Investment Justification formatting requirements and scoring criteria can be found in the 2010 EOC Grant Guidance on pages 15 thru 19.  Please refer to this document to develop your investments: 

All guidance documents can be found at www.vaemergency.gov grants section






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