Threat level/VEOC status

Normal daily activities and monitoring of conditions are ongoing (includes Hurricane Readiness Condition 5). No or extremely limited augmentation of staff at VEOC. Localities and state agencies handle incidents with existing or in-place assistance. The Governor has not declared a State of Emergency to exist. There might be a local declaration of emergency in place in one or more localities as a response to individual incidents.

Increased Readiness:
A situation has developed or threatens to develop which will potentially require localities and/or state agencies to take actions under the Emergency Operations Plan. Hurricane Readiness Condition 4 is included in the Increased Readiness level. A declaration of Notice of Unusual Event at a nuclear facility is included in this level. A plausible threat of a terrorist event without a specific location or time identified would be included. A State of Emergency might be in place in anticipation of significant state-level involvement. There might be augmented staffing at the VEOC and one or more localities could have made local emergency declarations in anticipation of problems. Virginia assistance to another state under the EMAC program could be occurring at this level.

Response Operations:
The VEOC has significant additional or fully augmented staffing on a 24-hr schedule. The Governor has issued or is considering issuance of a State of Emergency declaration and/or there may be a federal declaration (Emergency or Major Disaster) in effect. Hurricane Readiness Condition 3 begins at this level. The Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Operations Plan is being utilized. A declaration of Alert, Site Area Emergency, or General Emergency at a nuclear facility or a response to a probable terrorist event with major consequences would be included in this level. In-state activities under the umbrella of the EMAC or Statewide Mutual Aid programs would be occurring at this level.

Recovery Operations:
Activities are shifting away from the VEOC towards a Recovery Coordination Center or a Joint Field Office for implementation of various state/federal recovery programs. The VEOC, while still involved in the event, is returning to decreased status levels.