Advanced Emergency Management Academy Coming to Virginia

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Sept. 17, 2015

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Advanced Emergency Management Academy Coming to Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia has been selected to host the first off-campus offering of the Emergency Management Institute’s Emergency Management Advanced Academy.

The four-course series is designed for emerging leaders and mid-level managers who want to advance their skill sets in the discipline of emergency management. The courses that comprise the academy will be held at the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) headquarters in Richmond over the next several months, beginning Nov. 16-20.

“Virginia was at the forefront of implementing the basic academy at the state level,” said Kristy Bell, VDEM training coordinator. “We’ve conducted two of the two-week classes that are the cornerstone of the basic academy with great reviews, and the people who run the national program have noticed.” This is the primary reason Emergency Management Institute officials decided to hold the advanced academy in Virginia, she said.

The academy is part of the new national Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP). The program provides a structured and progressive framework for acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities to enter and progress through the emergency management field. The academy builds the qualities needed to lead emergency management programs and educates participants in relevant management theories and concepts, using case studies and a collaborative environment to reinforce learning and establish a network of peers. Students learn skills critical to performing leadership responsibilities, such as program management and oversight, effective communication at all levels, integrated collaboration and strategic thinking. The academy also provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking ability through a guided research project.

The advanced academy is geared toward government, non-profit voluntary organizations and private sector managers responsible for emergency management or homeland security.

Admission is through a competitive application process, and applications are due no later than Oct. 5 for VDEM employees and Oct. 12 for other partners. More information, including the application process, is available at:


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