Preparing: Crisis Communications

April 27, 2011  //  

A crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of your company, usually brought on by adverse or negative media attention. It can be any kind of legal dispute, theft, accident, fire, flood or manmade disaster that can be attributed to your company. Or, it can be the way your company responded to a natural disaster or other event. Generally, it is a situation where, in the eyes of the media or general public, your company did not react in the appropriate manner.

The best way to minimize the damage to your company’s reputation is to have a crisis communications plan. A plan can guide your company through the difficult times, but only if it is embraced by the entire organization and practiced regularly.

Remember, in a crisis it is crucial to tell it all, tell it fast and tell the truth.

View a sample crisis communications plan at [external link — opens in a new browser window]

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