Radiological Information for Farmers, Growers and Food Producers

April 11, 2013  //  

Know the Risk…

About 50 percent of all public exposure to radiation comes from natural sources, while man-made sources account for the remaining 50 percent. (National Council on Radiation and Measurements Report No. 160)

Stay Informed

  • Although a serious radiological accident is unlikely to occur at a nuclear poswer station, it is wise t be prepared.  Knowing what to do and where to in an emergency is the best way to protect yourself and your family.  Create a Family Emergency Plan.  Include:
    • Protective Action Zone number and Evacuation Assembly Center number
    • Local radio and TV stations that you can rely on to bradcast emergency information
    • Phone Numers of your Local Emergency Manager, Non-Emergency Police, doctor, Shoool. Work, any other important numbers and your out-oftown telephone contacts (family or fiend) phone nubers, and e-mail addressess. 
    • Write down where you will take your pets.
  • Protective Action Zones (PAZ) have been established within 10 miles of the power station to help notify the public about what they need to do in an emergency.
  • Radiological Information for Farmers, Growers and Food Producers [373 kb pdf]
  • Livestock and Crops.
    You should plan to shelter farm animals in an emergency, and have a relocation plan in the event that you cannot return to your home.  Provide livestock with stored feed and water for at least three days.  close all windows and doors to livestock shelters where possible.  Please inform EAC personnel if you have left livestock sheltered at your residence.  Federal, state and local officials will check farm animals and crops for contamination.   Documentation of animals may be necessary for your safety and that of your animals.  Contact your local cooperative extension agent or emergency management office for more details.  More information about disaster planning for pets and livestock is available at FEMA’s Website.
    Note: Individuals who have special needs should also contact their local emergency manager now to learn what evacuation options are available.

Be ready. Be willing to help.

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