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Prepare Your Pets for EmergenciesPet Supplies Kit

Your pet is an important member of your household – and pets are affected by disasters, too!  As you put together supplies for your family’s emergency kit, don’t forget to plan for your pet. 

In an emergency, you may need to stay in your home or perhaps you’ll have to leave.  If you evacuate, DO NOT leave your pets behind.  Pets most likely cannot survive on their own.  Plan now where your pet will stay if you have to evacuate: a friends’ or relative’s home, a pet-friendly hotel or motel, or a kennel or veterinarian’s office.  Talk to your vet or local humane society about an emergency plan for your pet.

Make a pet emergency supply kit.  Include:

  • At least three days’ food in airtight, waterproof container (include can opener, if necessary)
  • At least three days’ water specifically for your pet
  • Food and water bowls
  • Extra collar with ID tag and leash
  • Current photos of you and your pet together, in case you get separated
  • Crate or other pet carrier that is large enough for your pet to stand, turn around and lie down, with blankets or towels for bedding
  • Litter box and pet litter, if appropriate; also, newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags
  • Familiar items such as toys and treats

One other thought – in an emergency, including severe weather, don’t leave your pets outside.  Bring them in.

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