Resolve to be Ready in 2014

December 27, 2013  //  


Many Americans make New Year’s resolutions, so for 2014 FEMA, the national Ready campaign and Ready Virginia are encouraging people to “Resolve to be Ready” for potential emergencies by making preparedness a year-round family activity.   Think about it: disasters and emergencies can happen at any time, and your family may not be together.  Power could be lost, and cell phones may not work.  You need a family connection … you need a family emergency plan.   Resolve in 2014 to include your children in a preparedness conversation before a potential disaster hits. Consider these three ideas: 

• Who to call    

• Where to meet  

• What to pack  

Call a family meeting to talk about those three ideas and to make a communication plan.  Do you and your kids have contact phone numbers memorized or written down and available in backpacks and wallets?  Do you have a plan on how to connect with family and friends? Do you know how to contact your children’s school in case of an emergency?  Get a free emergency plan sheet and wallet cards here or use the new Ready Virginia app.  

Do you have emergency supplies? You may already have many of these items around the house.  Get a checklist to build your emergency supply kit here or use the new Ready Virginia app.   Resolve to make a family emergency plan this year.  And remember, winging it is not a plan.  

"Winging It" from the national Ready campaign:

 Additional Resources and Ideas

Be ready. Be willing to help.

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