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Get up-to-the-minute news and information from VDEM's new RSS feed.  RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a convenient way to keep up with agency news, new Web site content, and in times of emergency, emergency information. Once you subscribe to VDEM's RSS feed, this information will be delivered to your computer's desktop automatically.

How does RSS work?

Getting an RSS feed is simple. But first, you need to get an RSS "news reader" (sometimes referred to as a "news aggregator"). There are several different types, some Web-based and some installed directly on your computer. Some good examples of news readers are Google Reader, Feedreader3, My Yahoo! and SharpReader.

After getting your news reader, it is time to get some news to read. Most sites that offer RSS feeds should display a button similar to this:

RSS Button

These buttons are your link to subscribe to the feed. The news reader that you choose should give you detailed information on how to proceed from here.

How do I subscribe to VDEM's RSS feeds?

There are a couple of ways to add a news feed to your news reader. However, in general, these are the steps to follow:

1. Copy one of the following Web addresses (using Edit>Copy or Ctrl+C):

News releases and biweekly issues of EM Update:
EM Update stories as they become available:

2. Open your news reader and select Add Feed, New Channel, Subscribe, etc. The specific terminology will vary according to which news reader program you use.

3. Paste the Web address into the dialog box that asks for the address of the feed (using Edit>Paste or Ctrl+P).

4. Follow the program's prompts as directed.

Once subscribed to VDEM's RSS feed, you should immediately begin getting news. When we add a new item, your news reader program will automatically update to reflect it.