Spring Flooding Can Be Dangerous, Costly — Even Deadly

March 1, 2017  //  

Flooding is one of the major threats facing Virginia annually. According to the National Weather Service, flooding caused 176 fatalities nationwide and caused approximately $1.8 billion in damages in 2015. March is Flood Safety Awareness Month. Learn how to keep your family and property safe before the waters begin to rise.


  • Listen to local TV or radio for weather watches and warnings.
  • Do you know the difference in these terms? Learn them so you know the level of risk you face. Types of Flood Warnings
  • Be ready to evacuate. Don’t return to your home until local officials say it is safe. Use common sense and caution.
  • If you see water rising quickly or a moving wall of mud and debris, immediately move to higher ground.
  • Do not walk through moving water. A small amount of moving water can easily knock you down.
  • Remember that after a flood, it could be hours or days before emergency personnel are able to reach you.

Virginians can find more information about keeping your family and home safe this flooding season by visiting http://www.vaemergency.gov/prepare-recover/threat/floods/.

Be ready. Be willing to help.

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