Tropical Storm Lee Recovery

September 27, 2011  //  

Tropical Storm Lee Info:

All residents who have experienced structural damage as a result of Tropical Storm Lee, Sept. 8, should report it to their local emergency management office.  A statewide list is available here.

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Damage assessment

  • The governor has requested Individual Assistance for Prince William County.  IA is for people with significant damage to their private property that may be uninsured or underinsured.
  • If the governor’s request is approved and if sufficient damage information is collected, other localities will be added to the declaration.
  • In addition, Gov. McDonnell requested Hazard Mitigation Assistance for all Virginia localities.  The Hazard Mitigation Assistance program helps local and state governments take actions to reduce the impact of future disasters, such as modifying or removing structures from a hazard area and conducting public education campaigns.
  • The Commonwealth continues to work with localities and FEMA to assess damage to public property.  The governor may request assistance for state and local governments through the Public Assistance program after damage assessments are reviewed.
  • There is no guarantee that Virginia will receive federal assistance.

If you need help:

  • Check with local social services department or local emergency manager to find out if agencies and organizations in your area are offering help.
  • Call 211, which is a 24/7 service by the Virginia Department of Social Services.  Operators can help answer questions from citizens and also have access to resources that may be available.
  • Some voluntary organizations are responding to specific needs in communities.  Local emergency managers usually know which organizations are working in their communities.  A statewide list of emergency management offices is available here

If you want to help:

  • Donate money to help Virginians affected by disasters through the Virginia Disaster Relief Fund. The fund is designed to work through charitable organizations, which, in turn, help individuals. A website has been created to process credit card donations at  Those who wish to write a check can do so by making checks payable to the Treasurer of Virginia with “Virginia Disaster Relief Fund” noted in the memo line. Send checks to Comptroller’s Office, P.O. Box 1971, Richmond, VA 23218-1971.  Donations are tax deductible.
  • Volunteer your time to local charities and faith-based organizations. Volunteer wisely. An influx of unexpected or unneeded volunteers can make the process even more difficult. Before traveling to the disaster area, learn if and when your skills are needed. Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is an organization of nonprofit and faith-based groups whose mission includes programs either in disaster preparedness, response and/or recovery. Find a list of active groups at
  • Make a donation to local charities and faith-based organizations. Visit the National Donations Management Network at learn about Virginia VOAD organizations and to make a donation. The NDMN also shows companies and organizations the goods that are needed in large volumes and how to make high quantity donations.
  • Donate goods through an experienced organization. Some relief agencies may have the structure in place to store and distribute donated goods. To prevent waste, donations of goods should be made only to agencies that have requested specific items.


Be ready. Be willing to help.

Virginia Disaster Relief Fund