City of Virginia Beach Receives Grant to Install Emergency Generator at Correctional Center

May 9, 2016  //  


RICHMOND, Va. – The City of Virginia Beach will receive approximately $400,000 from federal grants administered by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) to install a 500 kilowatt emergency generator at their correctional center located at 2501 James Madison Boulevard. The remaining $132,000 will be contributed from the City of Virginia Beach.

“It’s crucial that correctional facilities have the ability to continue their normal operations during emergencies,” said State Coordinator Dr. Jeff Stern. “We partner with each locality to ensure they have the resources they need to prepare for emergencies through these grants.”

Recipient Project Project Cost Federal Award
City of Virginia Beach City of Virginia Beach Correctional Center Generator $532,000 $400,000

VDEM received this funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the fiscal year 2015 Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program. Once received, the agency then awards funds for the eligible projects that were submitted by localities throughout the state as part of the grant process. The grant will expire in October 2018.


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