Virginia, FEMA, SBA, Work with Localities to Assess Damage, Request Federal Declaration

October 18, 2016  //  


RICHMOND – 5:00 p.m., October 15, 2016.

Teams from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) have deployed across Hampton Roads to assist local residents and conduct joint Preliminary Damage Assessments (PDAs) on the more than 1,000 publicly and privately owned property and structures with damage. The teams are comprised of local emergency managers, VDEM personnel, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Small Business Administration (SBA). The PDA process is expected to take several days to complete. As teams move throughout affected areas, they will be interviewing residents to determine the extent of damage to both personal property and housing. It is critical for residents to be candid about the amount of damage, communications with insurance companies, and any other concerns they might have. The damage assessment reports should be provided to localities by the end of next week. Residents should contact their locality after that to determine if their property has been assessed.

The information gathered during the PDA will determine what program each locality and the Commonwealth may be eligible for with the formal request for each assistance program due no later than November 8, 2016.

• The Small Business Administration disaster loan programs makes low-interest loans available to homeowners, renters, businesses and private, non-profit organizations, such as charities, churches and private universities.
• The Public Assistance program provides funding to localities that have extensive damage to the public facilities and for eligible costs expended responding to the disaster.
• The Individual Assistance program provides help with a variety of programs including but not limited to financial support for housing repairs, crisis counseling and rental assistance.
Assistance for impacted households is already being provided at the local and state levels. Voluntary organizations are out in force providing meals, assisting with mucking out flooded homes, and cleaning up debris. Localities are taking damage reports and many are providing support to displaced families without insurance. If you have not yet reported your damage to your insurance company or locality, call today to make the report. If you are in need of assistance, dial 2-1-1 for a referral. Residents can call Crisis Cleanup at 1-800-451-1954 to request help with cleanup.

To see more of Virginia’s recovery efforts, find us on Twitter @VDEM or visit us on Facebook at VAemergency, #RecoverTogether.

VDEM and Suffolk Emergency Manager assess damage to City Hall caused by flooding.
VDEM staff working as part of team to assess flood damage to private properties in Hampton Roads

Teams complete preliminary damage assessments in Hampton Roads. Team members include Virginia Department of Emergency Management, FEMA, SBA, and members of local governments.

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