Virginia residents should prepare now for severe weather

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Virginia residents should prepare now for severe weather
Mobile home residents should pay close attention to tornado watches and warnings

 RICHMOND, VA — Severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes struck many parts of Virginia last night and this morning, and the weather is expected to continue through much of the day. Residents should take precautions now.

“Everyone needs to stay tuned to local weather reports for thunderstorm and tornado warnings and take these seriously,” said Michael Cline, state coordinator for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. “Those who live in mobile homes should be ready to leave their homes if a tornado warning is issued for their area and know where they would go.”

When a tornado warning is issued, follow these steps:

Go immediately to the lowest level of your building to an interior room or hallway.


  • Storm cellars or basements provide the best protection.

  • Stay away from windows and doorways.

  • Do not stay in a trailer or mobile home. Go immediately to a building with a strong foundation.

  • If shelter is not available, lie flat in a ditch or other low-lying area. Do not get under a bridge or overpass.

  • Plan to stay in your shelter location until the danger has passed. 

Good sources for information about possible severe weather include local television and radio broadcasts as well as NOAA Weather Radio, which broadcasts thunderstorm and tornado warnings directly from the National Weather Service. NOAA Weather Radios can be purchased in discount stores, boating and marine stores, and sporting goods stores and online. Public schools in Virginia all have NOAA Weather Radios.

After a tornado, remain out of damaged buildings and stay clear of downed power lines. Help injured or trapped people. Check on those who may require special assistance, such as the elderly, children and people with disabilities.

For information on preparing for tornadoes, go to


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