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NGS Outreach (NGSO)

When the Outreach coordination offices were established in early 2006, it was unclear how they would be received by the localities. While their creation was at the recommendation of several in the PSAP community, it was expected that it would take some time before they were fully utilized. Interestingly, almost from their first week, the Outreach coordinators have been overwhelmed with requests for assistance. As a result, the number of regions has been increased from the original four to seven, which now aligns with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) divisions.

Currently, each coordinator, with the support of PSC and VGIN, acts as a bureau liaison, fostering the relationship with the locality PSAPs and GIS offices. Up to this point, the requests from the localities have been controlling their efforts, but through effective planning, the requests for services can be better managed. During this planning process, some services may be identified that the regional coordinators can no longer support, but the goal is to provide the consultative services to the localities that they need to be effective.

You may find contact information for the Outreach Coordinators at and contact information for a local PSAP manager or GIS manager at

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9-1-1 / GIS Regional Operations Manager (Region 7)

9-1-1 / GIS Regional Coordinator (Region 4, 6)

9-1-1 / GIS Regional Coordinator (Region 2, 3)

9-1-1 / GIS Regional Coordinator (Region 1)

9-1-1 / GIS Regional Coordinator (Region 5)