State Public Assistance Grant Programs

In the event that the statewide total eligible cost claims for the disaster did not meet or exceed the Commonwealth’s eligibility threshold of $12.4M; state funding may be available through the State Public Assistance Program. This program is considered one of last resort and is at the discretion of the Governor.

Eligible Applicants
First, the locality must determine if it is eligible to request funding through the program. There is a minimum threshold to be reached. This is determined by comparing the amount of the locality’s eligible damage costs versus the population (2010 Census) times $4.00. If the damage costs of the event matches or exceed that amount then the locality is eligible to apply for state funding.

To determine specific costs eligibility, please refer to the most recent (June 2020) version of the FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide, the link is:\\_pappg-v4-updated-links\\_policy\\_6-1-2020.pdf.

To be eligible it is necessary for the locality to state that it has a “financial hardship” in paying for the repair of damages from its own funding sources, including insurance. A “Notice of Intent” form will be forwarded to the locality at its request to apply to the State Public Assistance Program. This form includes a verification statement by the locality that there exists a “financial hardship”.

Cost Recovery
All claims must be submitted in A “Notice of Intent” must be provided to VDEM within two weeks of receipt of a Notification Letter from the State Coordinator. A Notice of Intent Form is provided on in the resources section of this page.

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) will review and validate the damage cost claims by a locality to determine eligibility. Site visits by VDEM personnel may be required to validate the claims.

There is a fiscal stress factor applied to the funding requests to the Governor’s Office to determine the state share. The percentage, which is multiplied by the total eligible costs by a locality is as follows: The local fiscal stress factor which range from 15% to 24% for counties and cities in Virginia is added to 50%. Therefore the final percentages are a multiplier of 65% to 74%.

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