An Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Emergency Support Team (VEST) Status: Monitoring

VEOC Activation Status: Orange


The Virginia Department of Emergency Management Agency posts all bid opportunities on the state’s eVA system.

Procurement Opportunities

If you are a vendor or service provider looking to do business with us, please visit the eVA page and get registered as a vendor, and listed under the appropriate statewide contracts.  Opportunities that are not covered under existing contracts are also posted here as well.

VDEM 127-09252015-001-DBSEmergency Management Consulting Services - ExtensionMay 31, 2022New Contract Coming Soon – RFP Being Drafted
VDEM 127-09242014-001-DBSDebris Removal - ExtensionFebruary 28. 2022New Contract Coming Soon – DGS Statewide Contract – RFP posted
VDEM 127-06022015-001-DBSDebris Monitoring - ExtensionFebruary 28, 2022New Contracts Coming Soon – DGS Statewide Contract – RFP drafted/posted
VDEM 127:19-006HSEEP Homeland Security, Exercise & Evaluation ProgramEstablished June 2019 (1 Base Year + 4 Option Years)Currently in year three with 2 one-year renewal options remaining


Director of Procurement