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Emergency Support Team (VEST) Status Green, Steady State

VEOC Activation Status: Green, Steady State

Flood Intel Unit (FIU)

The Flood Intel Unit’s (FIU) mission is to provide accessible and dependable real-time rain and water-level gauge data, flood inundation maps, and flooding impacts and notifications to support planning and risk-based decisions at both the state and community level to prevent and reduce the loss of life and property.

The FIU team is in the process of remodeling and modernizing the Commonwealth’s early flood warning system. Once the new system is operational, remote field monitoring equipment will provide real-time data on water levels, rainfall, and weather parameters from gauges across the state. Some sites may be rain or stage gauges only while some may have weather data available. Many of these gauges will be managed by VDEM while others are currently operated by local government agencies, NOAA/NWS, and USGS. Currently operating gauges throughout the state can be found in the Virginia Flood Monitoring Resources section below.

Virginia Flood Monitoring Resources:


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