Technological Hazards

Mission Statement

Administer a statewide hazardous materials emergency response program to protect human health and the environment and ensure the safety of emergency responders from the effects of hazardous or dangerous materials incidents.


The Technological Hazards Branch exists to provide the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia with enhanced, state-of-the-art technical response capabilities and an extensive, multi-level, broad-based planning and training program. It is a proactive, comprehensive, and integrated program that coordinates the efforts of the Commonwealth of Virginia Hazardous Materials Officers, Regional Hazardous Materials Response Teams, and Local Emergency Planning Committees. It supports the efforts of local government, fire, rescue, and police agencies, as well as the federal government and private industry, in planning for and responding to the full spectrum of hazardous and radiological materials incidents. The branch is also the agency proponent for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) training, planning, and operational response.


On average, each year the Branch…

Technological Hazards Branch Chief

Regional Hazardous Materials Officer

Radiological Protection

Hazardous Materials Training

Branch Activities

Emergency Response

Technical Support

Provide guidance and identify options for local jurisdictions and state agencies in regards to hazardous materials and CBRN response;
Develop and disseminate new information on current trends and emerging threats.

Radiological Equipment Program


Local Emergency Planning Committees