National Emergency Management Advanced Academy

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The National Emergency Management Advanced Academy (NEMAA) program is designed for emerging leaders and mid-level managers interested in developing the qualities needed to lead emergency management programs and organizations. Taught by experienced FEMA instructors, this program offers students an opportunity to learn with their peers on real-world emergency management questions and projects. The courses are learner-centered, collaborative, and project-oriented. The Advanced Academy also provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking ability through a guided Research Project. Students apply the key learning concepts from the Advanced Academy curriculum relative to their own strengths and weaknesses, their organizations, and their own performance environments.

Target Audience: Emergency management professionals from a variety of fields including government, non-profit organization, voluntary organizations, and the private sector are encouraged to apply.

Admission to the Advanced Academy is competitive; the selection committee looks for individuals with three years or more of emergency management experience and a demonstrated commitment to the advancement of emergency management organizations and to the profession.

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