An Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Emergency Support Team (VEST) Status Yellow, Monitoring

VEOC Activation Status: Yellow, Monitoring

Virginia Emergency Support Team (VEST)

VEST Bureau Overview

The VEST Bureau consists of 7 (and growing) VDEM employees that are responsible for the administration and coordination of the full VEST. The goal of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) VEST Bureau is to build and strengthen relationships amongst VEST members and partners which include state agencies, private businesses, volunteer organizations, and federal agencies that are tasked with emergency preparedness, response and recovery in the Commonwealth of Virginia in an effort to achieve the VEST Mission.

Virginia Emergency Support Team (VEST)

Comprised of more than 300 credentialed members, the VEST draws its staff from all Executive Branch state agencies, dozens of NGOs, and private sector companies such as Verizon and Dominion. During steady-state operations, VEST training is conducted nearly every week on a variety of emergency management topics. Introductory training is also conducted on a regular basis for new VEST Staff in a full day course – VEST 100. During VEST Activations, some staff may be physically present at the VEOC while others may or may not be activated.


VEST Coordinator - COVIMT Logistics-Equipment

VEST Coordinator - Planning

Director, VEST Operational Coordination Division

VEST Coordinator - Voluntary Agency Liaison

Deputy State Coordinator - VEST Chief

VEST Coordinator - Training and Exercise

VEST Coordinator - Adjunct Emergency Workforce (AEW)

Administrative Coordinator

Director, COVIMT Division