During an Earthquake


– “Drop, Cover and Hold On” – Drop down, take cover under a sturdy desk, table or bench, or against an inside wall and hold on.

– Do not use elevators.

– Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors and walls.

– Stay away from bookcases or furniture that are not secure and could fall.

– Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you’re sure it’s safe to exit.


– Stay outdoors, do not go inside.

– If you are outdoors, find a clear spot away from buildings, trees and utility lines.


– Stop as quickly as safety permits: keep roads clear for emergency vehicles.

– Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses and utility lines.

– Proceed cautiously after the earthquake has stopped, watching for road and bridge damage.

– Do not attempt to drive across bridges or overpasses that have been damaged.

– Listen to your car radio for instructions from emergency officials and local media.

– Do not get out of your car if downed power lines are across it. Wait to be rescued.

Public Transportation

– Listen to and become familiar with your public transportation emergency plans.

– When shaking stops, follow driver or operator’s safety instructions.