2016 Homeland Security Public Safety Stakeholder’s Grant Workshops

State Homeland Security Grant Projects – Due by June 20, 2016 COB

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Call for Projects – Information

The 2015 Homeland Security Public Safety Stakeholder’s Grant Workshops are being held statewide from April 19 – 28, 2016 (seven regional meetings). The importance of these workshops is to promote coordination across the various disciplines and entities that are eligible to apply for SHSP funds along with a brief overview of other possible funding opportunities.
These workshops provide an opportunity for each region to possibly leverage additional funding to support critical security efforts. By working together, homeland security stakeholders can submit high-quality SHSP projects that will close the most critical preparedness gaps that are consistent with the commonwealth’s risk. Key stakeholders and groups identified opportunities for collaboration and developed projects that may benefit the security of their communities.
Workshop objectives:
1. Provide stakeholders with a briefing on the Public Safety Stakeholder event held March 16th in Richmond.
2. Provide stakeholders with a briefing on the SHSP grant process and project scoring methodology. 
3. Gathered input to identify security priorities and develop regional/collaborative projects to reduce risks.
4. Provide stakeholders information on Mitigation Grants, Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Grants, and other funding sources.         
5. Provide technical assistance to potential grant applicants to enhance the opportunity for funding.
Grants Calendar
Below are the meeting materials and templates needed to submit project information, including links to follow for submission.  As we move forward, there will be more information posted to this section of the website.
To make the State Homeland Security Grant process a success Peer Reviewers are needed!
Peer Review Process
As a reminder, peer review is an important part of the State Homeland Security Grant process. 
Participation provides reviewers with a unique opportunity to gain insight into the evaluation process and learn about innovative projects their peers may be undertaking. Peer reviewers will independently review and score projects online from a remote location at their convenience July 6 – 22, 2016. The review process for FY 2015 is expected to take 10-15 hours to complete.
Follow these links to submit your project proposal for one of the following types of projects:
Mitigation Projects – Upload the approrate project proposal forms to the following links portals (in the word format provided above)
PORTAL LINK – : https://hscsl.vmasc.odu.edu/fmi/webd (Chrome Only)
2016 Mitigation Project Template (PDM & FMA) – due May 27,, 2016
Portal Name: HMA_Proposal_Upload_16
Username: Applicant
Password: HMA2016
2016 Mitigation Project Idea (for 2016 Winter Storm ONLY – Mitigation Disaster Funding) – due June 20, 2016
Portal Name: Mitigation_2016_Storms_Only_Proposal_Upload_16
Username: Applicant
Password: MSO2016


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