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VDEM Announces $1.7M in Supplemental COVID-19 Emergency Management Performance Grant Program Health Equity Awards

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Published: October 8, 2020

RICHMOND—The Virginia Department of Emergency Management is announcing $1,792,748 in federal assistance for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 COVID-19 Emergency Management Performance Grant Supplemental Health Equity (EMPG-S). The EMPG-S funding was allocated to Virginia as a part of the CARES Act stimulus package in response to COVID-19.

“The grant program will continue the work of the COVID-19 Health Equity Taskforce’s effort to apply a statewide health equity lens to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts,” said Curtis Brown, State Coordinator for Emergency Management.”The funding will increase the capability to support marginalized and at-risk individuals and communities to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Eligible Local Governments:

Local governments identified for participation in EMPG-S program have participated in the Health Equity Pilot Program (HEPP), managed by VDEM, which has leveraged health equity data to facilitate the distribution of public health information and resources, such as masks and hand sanitizer, to underserved communities identified as highest risk for COVID-19 spread. Seventy-one local governments have been identified, and the 67 participating in the HEPP were identified for consideration for EMPG-S. Through data analytics, 37 local emergency management programs were identified for EMPG-S funding. The data analytics, processed by the Health 360 tool and Deloitte, included the following indicators: 

  • Percentage of COVID-19 vulnerable population (individuals with 1 or more health conditions and income less than $30,000);
  • Percentage of communities of color;
  • Fiscal stress index, and;
  • COVID-19 impact. 

As a part of the data analysis, local governments were grouped into Cohorts, with summary data provided below.

Cohort: #1

  • Population Range: 100,00 – 800,000 
  • Percentage of VA Population: 49%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Cases: 54%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Hospitalizations: 59%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Deaths: 56%
  • Total Allocation: $897,648
  • Number of Localities: 12
  • Allocation Amount: $74,804

Cohort: #2 

  • Population Range: 20,000 – 80,000
  • Percentage of VA Population: 7%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Cases: 11%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Hospitalizations: 10%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Deaths: 10%
  • Total Allocation: $547,844
  • Number of Localities: 11
  • Allocation Amount: $49,804

Cohort: #3

  • Population Range: 4,000 – 18,000
  • Percentage of VA Population: 2%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Cases: 5%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Hospitalizations: 5%
  • Percentage of COVID-19 Deaths: 6%
  • Total Allocation: $347,256
  • Number of Localities: 14
  • Allocation Amount: $24,804

Technical Assistance (Equity Integration):

VDEM is staffing two Equity Emergency Management Analyst positions that will provide guidance and support to local governments participating in the EMPG-S Health Equity Program. Participating local governments will be provided with ongoing Technical Assistance for integrating equity into their emergency management program supporting ongoing responses to COVID-19 and building resilience in at-risk communities.

The support may include but not limited to:

  • Equity Assessment and Social Vulnerability Analysis
  • Training
  • Tabletop Exercises (Virtual)  
  • Health Equity Data  
  • Guidance for creating equity-related goals and objectives
  • Provide support to help operationalize equity during community communication and outreach campaigns

Application Requirements and Eligible Activities:

Each of the 37 local governments identified for FY20 EMPG-S funding will receive an allocation letter from VDEM this week. Local governments that accept the allocation, will be required to provide a proposed scope of work, budget, and milestones for each project. Those localities that do not wish to participate will have an “opt-out” option for this allocation. Funds will be re-allocated to the next locality with the highest score in the prioritization process.Each locality will be required to develop a work plan and budget that supports preparedness and mitigation activities (related to slowing the spread of COVID-19);

  1. Integration of emergency management and public health resources.
  2. More details on the EMGP-S requirements can be found here

Funding Awards

Cohort No. 1

Cohort No. 2 

Cohort No. 3 

For more information on this funding opportunity, please contact Catherine Lee, Preparedness Grants Manager at or


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