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9-1-1 Smartphone Applications

This event was organized by 9-1-1 and Geospatial Services Bureau (NGS)


Overview: The Regional Advisory Council (RAC) felt it was important to share information on a new smartphone application called Haven from RapidSOS. A subscriber installs the application on their phone then uses it to contact 9-1-1 during an emergency. The application uses sensors on the phone to determine a more precise location than is provided with Phase 2. This location is provided to the PSAP as an address or more accurate longitude/latitude in the ALI like normal. The voice is connected to the PSAP as mobile voice over IP or the regular cellular network. As a voice call, it will not look that differently to the call taker, but the application also offers a “cannot speak” feature that causes the phone to “read” certain information to the PSAP. Though RapidSOS will likely be the first such application, being released March 26, there will be others, such as one called Siren, in the near future. This webinar will cover what these applications do and what you need to do to prepare. These applications could be game changers for 9-1-1 so everyone needs to be prepared and informed. You can learn more about RapidSOS and their Haven applications release (including training material for the PSAP) at : and access the training at

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