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Imagery and 3D Mapping for Local Governments on the Rural Edge

This event was organized by 9-1-1 and Geospatial Services Bureau (NGS)


Overview: The rural edge is a sensitive zone that exists between urbanized and rural environments. As rural landscapes are transformed by development, the result is often irreversible change that has significant impacts on quality of life and the environment. The rural edge is found at all scales, whether it be the boundary of a major metropolitan area or a rapidly growing recreational area within an otherwise remote location. Fauquier County, Virginia, and Esri have teamed up to demonstrate how up-to-date imagery and elevation data from modern, low-cost sources can provide the most relevant geospatial information for understanding and managing change within the rural edge communities. This training is ideal for GIS Users in local governments. Content is also relevant to county Information Technology offices, Community Services, Planning & Zoning, Stormwater, Public Works and Environment, Parks and Rec, and Economic Development.

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