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Next Gen 9-1-1 Legislative Activity Briefing Webinar Replay

This event was organized by 9-1-1 and Geospatial Services Bureau (NGS)


Overview: This webinar will provide an overview of NG9-1-1 and the activities of the 9-1-1 Services Board to prepare the Commonwealth for NG9-1-1. Those activities also include a legislative agenda they are considering for the 2018 General Assembly session. While these legislative changes have been viewed as generally positive toward localities, a legislatively mandated recalculation of the funding formula that controls how monthly, wireless 9-1-1 funds are distributed will have a much greater impact on localities. The formula being considered by the Board and how it was created will be discussed on the webinar. This new formula will significantly impact the amount of funding that several localities will receive starting July 1, 2018 (either positively or negatively). Both the final legislative agenda and the new funding formula will be considered by the 9-1-1 Services Board at their September 14, 2017 meeting so it is very important that you understand the impact to your locality. Input for improving both is still being accepted. The webinar will also review changes the Board made to the FY2019 grant program (the grant application window is now open until September 30) and the development of a new 9-1-1 standard being considered by the Board.

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