How to Request an Exercise

On average the Exercise Branch supports approximately 30 exercises per year. The level of support varies from complete design and delivery to providing a few exercise staff personnel to assist the day of an exercise. For planning and budget purposes, the Exercise Branch offers a set number of exercises each year per region. In the event that an exercise cannot be supported, VDEM, in coordination with the Exercise Branch, has an optional use contract option available to state agencies and localities.

Regional Exercises
Each VDEM region is offered two exercises per year that are supported by the Exercise Branch. Regional exercises are defined as involving at least 3 jurisdictions or agencies from the region and they must be multi-discipline. Regional exercises are determined at each region’s annual Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (TEPW) where training and exercise needs are projected for the following three years. Once the regional exercises are identified at the workshop, Exercise Branch personnel will work with VDEM regional staff to schedule initial planning meetings with the key stakeholders and interested localities and/or agencies.

Technical Assistance Exercises
Each VDEM region is offered two exercises per year that do not meet the requirements of a regional exercise but meet a locality or agency’s needs. Technical assistance exercises can be either single or multi-jurisdictional, and single or multi-discipline. Full exercise support can be provided (document development, facilitation, exercise staffing, etc) or just day-of exercise staffing. Technical assistance exercises are awarded via an application process that takes place annually. For more information regarding applications for technical assistance, please contact Lauren Opett, State Exercise Officer/Exercise Branch Manager, at

Optional Use Statewide Exercise Contract
In some cases, a locality or state agency must utilize a vendor to assist with an exercise. To save time and money, VDEM conducted an RFP process to identify vendors.

The result is this list of pre-procured exercise contractors available to local and state governmental entities. Multiple contractors were awarded in order to allow the locality or state governmental entity the ability to select the solution most appropriate to their needs. Keep in mind this is an optional use, statewide contract. A locality or governmental entity is still able to go through a procurement process to hire a contractor based on their individual scope of work.

To use this contract, a local or state entity must develop a scope of work using a task order. Once a Task Order is completed and signed, the governmental entity must send a copy to VDEM’s Exercise Branch. The task order can be scanned and emailed to Lauren Opett at

The governmental entity can select one vendor or multiple to discuss their scope of work. The pricing structures provided on this site per the vendor’s proposal are a starting point for the discussion of price.

The vendors selected – in alphabetical order – are listed below. For each vendor, we have provided their point of contact, a link to their website, and a PDF of their company profile and pricing structure.