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National Wildfire Awareness Month



May is also Wildfire awareness month. According to the Department of Forestry, as of May 1st, there have been 469 fires reported in Virginia, impacting 8,367 acres, damaging 5 homes and 20 structures. VDEM wants all Virginians, regardless of where they live in the Commonwealth, to work together to become better prepared for wildfires by reducing risk on their property and in their neighborhood. Look for tips on how to prepare for wildfires and share them with your network! This is the dry season, so it’s important to check your fire danger rating daily, especially when you plan on burning. You can also see if there are any active burn bans for your area prior to burning at: Virginia Counties with a Burn Ban ( Read more about burning safety at the Virginia Department of Forestry’s website: Before You Burn – Virginia Department of Forestry : Virginia Department of Forestry.

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