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NG9-1-1 Funding and PSAP Grant Program

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The NG9-1-1 Funding and PSAP Grant Program is a multi-million dollar funding and grant program administered by the Virginia 9-1-1 Services Board. Presently, the Commonwealth of Virginia is implementing Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) statewide as the current analog network that provides 9-1-1 call delivery to Virginia PSAPs is going away. Over the next few years, 9-1-1 service providers will be decommissioning the selective router pairs that comprise the foundation of this legacy analog network. To identify the best course to implement NG9-1-1, the 9-1-1 Services Board (the “Board”) conducted an NG9-1-1 feasibility study in 2015 and made the decision to transition to a statewide IP-based infrastructure, known as an emergency services IP network (ESInet). With planning efforts completed, the Board is now focused on implementing NG9-1-1 throughout the commonwealth.

The primary focus of the current PSAP Grant Program guidelines is to lay out the process for determining and allocating funding for allowable NG9-1-1 migration costs during the multi-year NG9-1-1 deployment period and to continue to provide funding for 9-1-1 and GIS education and training. PSAPs have two (2) programmatic areas to seek funding:

NG9-1-1 Deployment Funding Program

All eligible PSAPs have received Board funding and NG9-1-1 deployment is underway.  Award amendments are made as needed within the scope of the funding program and as approved by the Board.

PSAP Education Program (PEP)

Any Virginia primary PSAP is eligible to apply for and receive funding through the PEP.  Secondary PSAPs are not eligible for PEP funding. Grant funds are to be used to supplement the portion of local governments’ budgets, not to supplant funds.

Approved grants in this program will receive funding from the PSAP Grant Program before any other funding priority. PSAPs have two funding options:

•         $3,000 per primary PSAP for individual PEP requests
•         $4,000 per primary PSAP for multi-jurisdictional PEP requests

PSAPs may receive an award for an individual PEP grant and participate in a multi-jurisdictional PEP grant in the grant cycle. However, the multi-jurisdictional PEP grant award cannot be used to supplement an individual PEP grant award that has been exhausted during the grant award period.

PEP Grant Award Period

The PEP is an annual grant program with an award period that runs consistent with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s fiscal year.  The twelve month grant award period begins on July 1st of the grant award and is a one year grant.  All grant funds must be expended by the end of the grant award period. PEP grants are not eligible for extensions, nor are financial and programmatic reports required for the award. The Board will approve the PEP awards at their November meeting.

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