An Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Emergency Support Team (VEST) Status Green, Steady State

VEOC Activation Status: Green, Steady State

Strategic Plan

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How We Serve

We increase the scope, quality, and equity of support delivered to localities, agencies and tribes each year.

Build the capacity to manage 1 major & 3 moderate events simultaneously

Increase the quality (‘customer’ scores and meeting activation objectives) of Agency participation in disaster-events

Increase pass-through funding for vulnerable localities year over year

How We Operate

We are a stakeholder-focused, financially sound, inclusive and diverse team.

Less than 10% regrettable loss each year from permanent positions YOY

All Federal and State mandates and programs resourced and completed on-time FY2022-25

Zero material audit findings each year

How We Build Capacity

We increase the Commonwealth’s capacity and capability to support disasters at the local, regional, and state levels, year-over-year.

Complete Digital and Organizational Transformation by end of FY2025

Complete Digital and Organizational Transformation by end of FY2025

Improve collective Local Preparedness levels by 50% by FY2025


  • Expand funding for direct support activities by 50% by FY2025
  • Implement formal budget process – calendar, Open Gov, process, briefs, etc.
  • Develop Disaster Budget and Funding expansion strategy for FY2023 (General Fund growth, Grant expansion, Path to 100% of Core Positions General Funded by FY2023, mitigation program for vulnerable localities)
  • Establish comprehensive planning and preparedness cycle (including baseline Local Preparedness rating) by end of FY2023
  • Add Local EM to every locality by FY2025
  • Reduce ESF ownership by 50% by end of FY2023
  • Position IMT to fulfill 1/3 of activation requirements
  • Prof Dev, Targeted Recruitment, Employee Engagement Placeholder(s)
  • Regional Office Growth/Reduce the need for local to HQ direct pathway
  • Develop technique/process for ‘customer’ evaluation of Agency or internal scorecard to understand the quality of our support
  • Integrate NGS into VDEM service delivery model
  • Execute vision for NG911 enhancement by FY2024
  • Develop digital calendar/roadmap of all Federal and State mandates, budget process by end of FY2021