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How do I create a WebEOC Account?
In order to get access to WebEOC, you must first complete WebEOC training. As part of the training, you will fill out a Request Form and an account will be generated for you. Courses below can be found in the COV Learning Center (https://covlc.virginia.gov/Default.aspx) or by contacting lmshelp@vdem.virginia.gov.

Which web browser should I use?
Any web browser should work however it is recommended that Google Chrome or Firefox be used.

How do I access WebEOC once I have an account?
Links to the State WebEOC systems are below.

How often do I have to update my password?
Passwords must be updated every 90 days on each system (training and operations) independently. Updating your password on one system does NOT automatically update your password on the other system, but the passwords can be the same password. It is recommended that users set a calendar reminder for the password updates every 90 days.

What are the password requirements?
Password must meet the following criteria:

My account is locked. What do I do?
If you are receiving a message that your account is locked, try waiting 30 minutes then click “Forgot Password” and attempt to reset your password using your username and email address. If your account is still showing “locked” you must email webeocsupport@vdem.virginia.gov for assistance.

For ESF Members: You will need to let your ESF Lead know that you are locked out of WebEOC. Your ESF Lead will then email vest.ops@vdem.virginia.gov for assistance getting your account unlocked. VEST Ops will email WebEOC Support on your behalf with you CC’ed. This is to streamline the process as VDEM WebEOC Support team will not unlock a WebEOC account without approval from VEST Ops that the member still needs access to WebEOC. VEST Ops will not approve an account unlock without the approval of your ESF Lead

My account has been unlocked but it is still showing as locked. What should I do?
Once your account has been unlocked, it is recommended that the user close ALL browser windows to clear your browser cookies. Re-open your browser and try again. Also, disabling “save password” on your browser can prevent issues in the future.

When logging in, what should I put for my location under Additional Information?
Users should always enter the location they are physically working when logging in each time. If you are working virtually from your office, be sure to update your location and confirm that the correct phone number is entered.

How can I change the “Incident” or “Position” I selected when I logged in?
Users do not need to log out to change your Position or Incident. At the top of the window, you will see a dark grey bar with white writing. Next to your position and the incident you will notice white drop down arrows. By clicking anywhere in the Incident or Position Name, a drop down menu will come up to select a different position or incident.

**Note: you may need to scroll down in the drop down menu to locate a specific incident or position.

What is the difference between the Operations System and the Training System?
The Training System is used for exercises, drills, testing, and training on the system. The Operations System is used for real-world event response; these can be, pre-planned or immediate emergency events. While the servers are very similar, they are NOT linked in any way. Updates to your account or posts made on the training system will not automatically transfer over to the operations system.

How will I find out about new WebEOC features and boards?

You can also attend a VEST 104: Introduction to WebEOC for VEST members or VEOC 100: WebEOC for Local Governments at any time for a thorough refresher on WebEOC.

Is WebEOC Mobile Friendly?

The WebEOC support team is working to make WebEOC more mobile friendly. At this time only boards that are newly created or updated will be accessible with mobile formatting in the WebEOC app. All other boards do not utilize mobile formatting for the app.

How do I access the Mobile version of WebEOC?

To use the mobile version of WebEOC users will need to go to the App store on their mobile device or tablet and search for WebEOC to download onto their device.

Once the application is downloaded to their device users will need to follow the below instructions to log in and navigate to boards for use:

Note: Actions that can be performed on mobile friendly boards will appear at the bottom of the screen. If the board is not mobile friendly the actions will appear as they do in the desktop version at the top of the screen. See example of the sign in/out board that has been made mobile friendly below.

How do I input both WebEOC Servers into my mobile app?

After logging into one of the servers (training/operations) with the above steps you can navigate to the “more” icon to manage your accounts and add in the second server.

Follow below steps to log into the second server:

  1. Select the more Icon
  2. Select manage accounts
  3. Select add account

Note: If you input both server accounts on your mobile device you will need to pay close attention to the URL listed when opening the application to assure that you are in the correct server.

How do I switch between WebEOC server accounts in the mobile app?

After opening the application, you will see the below screen. If you have logged into both servers, you will need to pay close attention to the URL to assure you are in the correct server. If you need to switch servers, simply click on the URL and it will bring you to the manage accounts screen where you can select the appropriate URL for the WebEOC server you are trying to be in (training/Operations).