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AWR-351 REP Post-Plume Awareness Course (RPPA) – Virtual Delivery

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WHEN: Monday and Tuesday, December 05th-06th, 2022

WHERE: Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Description: Promo Code: 23N-0108 RPPA
Host: REP HQ – For additional information regarding the class, please contact:

Class Time (EDT): Day 1 (Meeting will open 15 minutes prior to start time)

1 st Session 10:00-10:30 Module 1 Introductions & Course Overview

10:30-12:00 Module 2 REP Essentials Pt#1
12:00-1:00 Lunch Break

2 nd Session 1:00-2:00 Module 2 REP Essentials Pt#2

2:00-3:00 Module 3 Early (Plume/Emergency) Phase

Day 2 (Meeting will open 15 minutes prior to start time)
3 rd Session 10:00-12:00 Module 4 Intermediate Phase (Exposure

12:00-1:00 Lunch Break

4 th Session 1:00-2:00 Module 5 Intermediate Phase (Ingestion

2:00-2:30 Module 6 Late (Recovery) Phase
2:30-3:00 Module 7 Course Summary

Post-Test & Course Evaluation

Prerequisites: None
Registration: Registration Process found on following page.
Location: Join ZoomGov Meeting (23N-0108 RPPA):

  • Meeting ID: 1611528747
  • PC: 709785
  • Join a Test Meeting to check your connection prior to training
    Target Audience: Federal, State, Tribal, Utility, and Local Emergency Management
  • Course Information: The FEMA/National Preparedness Directorate/Technological Hazards Division/Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program has developed an instructor-led course that will help Federal, State, tribal and
    local emergency managers and planners more effectively meet the challenges presented to the emergency
    responder community during a radiological incident at a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-licensed
    commercial nuclear power plant (NPP). The main purpose for this awareness-level AWR-351 REP Post-Plume Awareness Course (RPPA) is to provide a precise training track which focuses on the unique considerations of the 50-mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ), Offsite Response Organizations (OROs) responsible for addressing the
    implementation of precautionary measures and protective actions relating to “exposure” and “ingestion”
    interventions during the Post-Plume (Intermediate) phase of a radiological incident from a NRC-licensed
    commercial nuclear power plant (NPP). The RPPA participant course materials are available online (FEMA’s Preparedness ToolKit). Links found on the following pages.
  • If you would like to request a printed copy of the 2019 REP Program Manual or Post-Plume Reference
    Booklet prior to the class, please contact , Including your name and mailing
    address (not a PO Box). Please allow for at least a 5-business day delivery.

Register with FEMA /Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP)
REP Post-Plume Awareness Course (RPPA) will be offered Monday & Tuesday, December 05-06, 2022.
To apply for this class, follow the instructions below:

  1. Have your FEMA SID number and password. You must have a FEMA SID number before you can
    apply for the class.
    • If you need a FEMA SID number, go to FEMA Student Identification System and click “Register
    for a FEMA SID” or click “Forgot FEMA SID?” if you have forgotten your FEMA SID.
    • Registering for a FEMA SID does not register you for this class. You must apply for the class
  2. Click this link to apply for the class: Click Here to Apply.
    • Enter your FEMA SID and password.
    • A CDP Training Registration System (TRS) application for 23N-0108 RPPA will open.
    • Complete the required fields.
    • Click the “Review and Submit Application Now” button.
    • Complete the application process by clicking the affirmation checkbox and providing your digital
    signature by entering your name and FEMA SID password.

(If you have trouble with the link, go to CDP Student Portal and enter 23N-0108 RPPA in the “Have a Promo
Code?” box. You must enter the promo code exactly as it appears here to successfully apply).

  1. If you encounter any errors, please do not attempt to bypass or skip through them. Please document
    the error with as many details as possible and/or screen shots (print screen) and submit to so the error can be documented and addressed by the
    development team. Once the error has been reported, then proceed.
  2. After you have completed registration, click on the following link to provide feedback on TRS: CDP
    Non-Resident Training Online Application Survey